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Bonobo is a theatre group made up of artists trained in the Fernando González Mardones acting Academy and the school of theatre of the University of Chile.


Gathered in 2012 for the creation and production of Assembly take, they start a targeted search to understand why and how it legitimizes violence against the 'other' in a democratic context. The question about the underlying violence throughout this abundant narrative of tolerance, democracy and consensus. This paper first explores a particular mood, expressed in the ironic condition of the dialogues and dizzying, abrupt and repetitive situations. This work was presented in scenarios such as bridge Theatre, Teatro Sidarte, skies Festival of the infinity of Punta Arenas and temporary Theater of Puerto Montt.


2015 presents his second work, inhabited by barbarians, Assembly that aims to give continuity and deepen the question about the construction of the 'other', the barbarian, foreigner, that strange being that always accompanies the stories of violence. The work is an invitation to reflect if after the welcoming and inclusive intent, violence against those who, in any way, do not constitute, and do not comply with the hegemonic idea of what means to be a citizen, trying to understand the dichotomy of one and another that has characterized the way of seeing and acting of Western man. With this work Bonobo reaffirms his career in the Chilean theatrical scene, getting an excellent reception from the public and critics, receiving awards and honors and invitations to festivals in Europe and Latin America.

By the work Where the barbarians live, Pablo Manzi receives dramaturgy 2016 award, given by the municipality of Santiago, award literary category dramaturgy by CNCA and the dramaturgy 2015 award by the art critics circle of Chile. The Assembly has seasons at Teatro del Puente, presentations at the FIT of Cadiz, temporary theatrical Puerto Montt, Festival of theatre of the Bio Bio, Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil and the best Prize work in the 6th Festival of young Theatre in Las Condes.


These creations are result of extensive experimentation work oriented to the generation of a drama from the inside of the process. The search of reciprocity between Word and deed through improvisations directed and recorded, explains that the creation of the dramatic text is inseparable from the scenic phenomenon.Exploring different stories and languages, the Group seeks in his creations inquire into hostility, cruelty and everyday exclusion implied in the current democratic Chile. Where live the barbarians are asked about the way in which fear and violence in a democracy is built.

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