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A group of cousins decide to hold a reunion after years of not seeing each other. When Roberto, the host and director of a successful NGO, gets involved in the strange murder of a young woman, consternation and violence erupt among guests. What should have been a cozy family gathering turns into an increasingly dire situation – which does not improve in the slightest when some attendees bring up unexpected ideas and conflicts that set them against each other and give rise to enmity.
Donde Viven Los Bárbaros (in English, Where the Barbarians Live) investigates how violence in human relations is normalized and tolerated in Chile today, and how the archetype of the enemy has been present in our stories since the dawn of time.

Ficha artística

Ficha artística

PLAYWRIGHT  Pablo Manzi · DIRECTORS Andreina Olivari y Pablo Manzi · DESIGN Los Contadores Auditores · MUSIC Camilo Catepillán · CAST Gabriel Cañas, Paulina Giglio, Gabriel Urzúa, Guilherme SepúlvedaCarlos Donoso · TECHNICAL MANAGER Raúl Donoso · PRODUCER Horacio Pérez



> Barbarism Trilogy. Centro Cultural Matucana 100 / March 2023 (Santiago, Chile)

> PRÓXIMAMENTE FESTIVAL. Teatro Nacional Flamenco KVS / November 2019 (Brussels, Belgium)

> Temporada Teatro La Memoria / July 2019 (Santiago, Chile)

> Centro cultural de San Antonio. / January 2019 (San Antonio, Chile)

> Festival Internacional de Teatro de Belo Horizonte / September 2018 (Belo Horizonte, Brasil)

> Muestra Estatal de Teatro de Jalisco / September 2018) (Guadalajara, México)

> Temporada Teatro Universidad Católica / July 2018 (Santiago, Chile)

> Festival Internacional de Teatro Temporada Alta / February 2018 (Lima, Perú.)

> Villa Santa María. Festival de Teatro Juan Radrigán / January 2018 (Quilicura, Chile)

> Sala de Teatro de la Universidad Mayor / January 2018 (Santiago, Chile)

> Teatro Municipal de Calama. Festival Internacional de Teatro Zicosur / January 2018 (Calama, Chile)

> Teatro Municipal de Antofagasta. Festival Internacional de Teatro Zicosur / January 2018 (Antofagasta, Chile)

> Sala Los Avellanos, Universidad de la Frontera / September 2017 (Temuco, Chile)

> Teatro Provincial de Curicó / June 2017 (Curicó, Chile)

> Temporada Sala Antonio Varas / May 2017 (Santiago, Chile)

> Festival Iberoamericano Adelante! / February 2017 (Heidelberg, Alemania)

> Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil / January 2017 (Santiago, Chile)

> Festival de Teatro del Bio Bio / December 2016 (Concepción, Chile)

> 31 Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Cádiz / October 2016 (Cádiz, España)

> Festival Teatro Joven de las Condes / August 2016 (Santiago, Chile)

> Temporales Teatrales / July 2016 (Puerto Montt, Chile)

> Temporada Teatro del Puente / June 2016 (Santiago, Chile)

> Temporada Teatro del Puente / January 2016 (Santiago, Chile)

> Temporada Teatro del Puente / September 2015 (Santiago, Chile)



> Playwriting Award, granted by the Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago (Santiago City Hall).
Santiago, Chile. 2016.


> Literary Award 2016. Category: Playwriting. National Secretary of Arts & Culture. Government of Chile.
Santiago, Chile. 2016.


> Award for “Best Play” 2016. VI Festival Teatro Joven de las Condes.
Santiago, Chile. 2016.


> Best Playwriting Award 2015. Circle of Chilean Arts Critics.
Santiago, Chile. 2015.

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