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Since its creation in 2012, Bonobo has established itself as one of the Chilean companies with the greatest projection in the international circuit. Its productions have been shown in Japan, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the United States, Brazil, Peru and Mexico, in addition to having received several awards in Chile and abroad. 


To date, he has premiered four plays: Amansadura (2012), Donde viven los bárbaros (2015), Tú amarás (2018) and Temis (2022). These creations are the result of an extensive work of experimentation and research, based on collective creation and improvisation. With black humor and a language that borders on the absurd and discomfort, in his works Bonobo seeks to problematize the promise of liberal democracies, putting into discussion issues such as violence, inclusion and discrimination, grounded in the Greek polis and the relationship between citizens and barbarians.

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