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A family has been growing its business for years. The enterprise is characterized by inclusive and anti-discriminatory practices among its workers, and has considerably increased its wealth. The prosperous moment they are living in will be interrupted by the arrival of a lost sister, raised in a radically different environment. The appearance of this enigmatic sister will put in crisis the concept of justice for the family members, and unexpected prejudices and fears will arise.



> Best Playwriting Award 2022. Circle of Chilean Arts Critics. Santiago, Chile.

Ficha artística


PLAYWRIGHT Pablo Manzi · CAST Gabriel Cañas, Carlos Donoso, Paulina Giglio, Marcela Salinas, Guilherme Sepúlveda y Gabriel Urzúa · DESIGN Los Contadores Auditores · TECHNICAL MANAGER Alex Waghorn · MASKS O’Ryan Lab · PROSTHETICS Jocelyn Olguín · MUSIC Camilo Catepillán · PRESS Fogata Cultura · PHOTO Marcuse Xaverius · PRODUCER Alessandra Massardo · DIRECTORS Andreina Olivari y Pablo Manzi

Themis is a co-production with Espacio Checoeslovaquia

This proyect was developed with the auspices from Fondo de Artes Escénicas del Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio.


previous performances

> Biobío International Theatre Festival. Teatro Biobío / November 2023 (Santiago, Chile)

> Barbarism Trilogy. Matucana 100 / April 2023 (Santiago, Chile)

Quilicura Teatro Juan Radrigán / January 2023 (Santiago, Chile)

Santiago a Mil International Festival / Teatro Nacional Chileno / January 2023 (Santiago, Chile)

> Teatro Nacional Chileno / December 2022 (Santiago, Chile)

Teatro Nacional Chileno / July 2022 (Santiago, Chile)

> Premiere Teatro Nacional Chileno / April 2022 (Santiago, Chile)

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