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You shall love

Who’s the enemy? How do they become the enemy? What defines them or makes them different? How do we connect with “others”? These are some of the challenging questions that a group of Chilean doctors ask themselves as they put the finishing touches to their talk for an international conference on prejudice in medicine. It’s a relevant subject that has becoming increasingly more complex due to the recent arrival of the Amenites, extraterrestrials who have come to settle on earth. Misunderstood, marginalized and feared, these beings provide the perfect
opportunity to reflect on hate, love and the implicit violence towards ‘others’. Continuing along the same lines as their previous piece (Donde Viven los Bárbaros) Bonobo once again takes a look at violence towards “others” in a democratic society. Using dark humor and irony, the production’s fast-paced and uncomfortable dialogues create an atmosphere of fear, awkwardness, absurdity
and discomfort.

Tú Amarás (in English, You Shall Love) is the result of an extensive research process developed in residencies at Espacio Checoeslovaquia (Santiago) and Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York).

Ficha artística


PLAYWRIGHT  Pablo Manzi · DIRECTORS Andreina Olivari y Pablo Manzi · DESIGN Los Contadores Auditores · MUSIC Camilo Catepillán · CAST Gabriel Cañas, Paulina Giglio, Gabriel Urzúa, Guilherme Sepúlveda, Carlos Donoso · TECHNICAL MANAGER Alex Waghorn · PRODUCER Horacio Pérez

Tú Amarás is a co-production with espacio Checoeslovaquia and Fundación Teatro a Mil. It was partially developed at a residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York).


previous performances

> Trilogía sobre la Barbarie. Matucana 100 / April 2023 (Santiago, Chile)

> Festival de Otoño de Madrid / November 2021 (Madrid, España) 

> Teatro Lope de Vega / October 2021 (Sevilla, España)

> Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Cádiz / October 2021 (Cádiz, España)  

> Mostra Internacional de Sao Paulo, Teatro Porto Seguro / March 2020 (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

> Jerome Robbins Theater, Barysnikov Arts Center / February 2020 (Nueva York, USA)

> Alias Teatern / December 2019 (Estocolmo, Suecia)

> Tokyo Festival World Competition 2019. Theatre West / November 2019 (Tokio, Japón)

> Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Teatro Les Tanneurs / May 2019 (Bruselas, Bélgica)

> FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts. Teatro dell'Arte / May 2019 (Milan, Italia)

> Teatro Sidarte / April 2019 (Santiago, Chile)

> Teatro Regional del Biobío / January 2019 (Concepción, Chile)

> Festival de Teatro Juan Radrigán / January 2019 (Quilicura, Chile)

> Platea 19, Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil. Teatro Universidad Católica / January 2019 (Santiago. Chile)

> Ciclo Teatro, DDHH y Memoria / November-December 2018 (La Granja, La Pintana, Puente Alto. Santiago, Chile)

> Festival Noorderzon Perfoming Arts / August 2018 (Groningen, Holanda)

> Temporada Sala de Teatro Universidad Mayor / June 2018 (Santiago, Chile)

> Estreno. Temporada Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral / April 2018 (Santiago, Chile)



> “Critics’ Choice Awards”, “Outstanding Performance” (cast) and “Audience Award” at Tokyo Festival World Competition. Tokyo, Japan. 2019.
> José Nuez Martín Award, from the Literature Department of Universidad Católica de
Chile. Santiago, Chile. 2018.
> Text selected for the Second International Play Reading Festival. Columbia University, School of the Arts. New York, USA. 2019.

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